2018 Academic Success

Macarthur Anglican School’s Year 12 students have excelled in the 2018 HSC, demonstrating Macarthur’s proven success in academic excellence. Headmaster Dr David Nockles is delighted with the students’ results. “The HSC is challenging for all students and I am thrilled to see how Macarthur’s focus on deep thinking and perseverance has encouraged our students to strive for excellence. We have a strong academic culture at the school with students driving their own learning. I am delighted, not only for our five students who have been recognised as top achievers for placing among the top 10 in the State, but also for those students who made substantial growth in their learning.  It is encouraging to witness our students discovering their niche at Macarthur and are now looking forward to the years ahead. Engendered with a strong community spirit, I am confident that our Macarthur graduates will continue to flourish and make a difference to the lives of others. This reflects our school motto “Enter to Learn, Go out to Serve.”

Among the top performers, Claudia Petrin (ATAR 99.15) achieved 1st in the State in Indonesian Extension and 3rd in the State in Indonesian Continuers. Dux, Kate House (ATAR 99.7) achieved 2nd in the State in both Indonesian Continuers and Indonesian Extension. Indonesian is one of Macarthur’s lighthouse subjects and the dedicated team of Indonesian teachers bring out the best in our students. Jacob Elliot (ATAR 98.30) achieved 8th in the State in Music 1 and along with Kayla King was nominated for ENCORE.  Jacob also received an Honours commendation from NESA for his Music composition.

Frank He (ATAR 99.65), one of our International students who has only been in the country for two years, achieved 9th in the State in Biology. Claudia, and Jacob, along with Sophie Frankum (ATAR 97.4) and Michael Zenkis (ATAR 96.25) have been recognised as ‘All Rounders’ for attaining Band 6/E4 results in at least 10 units. 

The School provided interested Year 12 students with Study Coaches. These coaches include Kindergarten -Year 6 teachers, Administration and Executive staff as well as the Years 7-12 teachers.  Students were also encouraged to adopt a ‘study buddy’ for each of their subjects and work together collaboratively. 

Students also attended study skills sessions and learnt methods that best suited them to deepen their understanding and excel. 

Students found the different learning spaces in the IRC beneficial to their myriad of learning styles. “Champ Camp” – a week-long study camp provided students with time and teacher expertise for students to hone their skills and knowlege before sitting the HSC.  

Empowering our students with skills and values for the future is so important. We desire for our students to be forward thinkers who will respect, empathise with and inspire others. We place a strong emphasis on areas such as big-picture thinking and intercultural understanding at Macarthur. Additionally, we want our graduates to have nuanced comprehension of common democratic values such as freedom, rights and responsibility and tolerance.

78% of Macarthur’s students received early university offers and some have also been offered leadership or academic scholarships. 41% of Macarthur students have been recognised as Distinguished Achievers for attaining Band 6 or E4 results and 76% of students gained Band 5 or E3 results. Students also appeared on the HSC Honour roll 112 times. 

Dr Nockles, who has published research on what makes effective schools, advocates that “students who balance their academic study with co-curricular, extra-curricular involvement and sport have the greatest opportunity for success in the HSC as they are far more likely to be engaged and happy. It is so important to provide an education that includes, engages, challenges and elevates every student in their learning.” 

Over one quarter (26%) of students who presented for the HSC in 2018 attained ATARs of 90 and over with almost one fifth (18%) of students gaining ATARs of 95 and above. 

At Macarthur, one of our academic goals is for students to develop a growth mindset.  We want students to believe that their intelligence is not finite, and mastery of their subjects can be improved by responding to feedback, hard work and perseverance. 

A concept that students consistently encounter on School Camps is learning to move out of their comfort zone. This is applied to each of their subjects. We know that students will experience discomfort when they are floundering with difficult content but we also know that this is when their brain will be wired for deep learning. It is important to note that as a non-selective School, Macarthur is able to help all students excel and attain their personal best.

Macarthur’s top achievers have studied a wide variety of courses from the 36 subjects offered at HSC level. For most subjects, the results are well above the State Average with Agriculture,  Ancient History, Earth and Environmental Science, Geography, Indonesian Continuers, Indonesian Extension, Information Processes and Technology, Legal Studies, Mathematics General 2. Music 1, Society and Culture, Software Design and Development leading the field.

Macarthur students are planning to study a wide range of courses including Medicine, Psychology, Social Work, International Studies, Sport Physiology, Health Sciences, Languages, History, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Agricultural Business, Fine Arts, Construction and Management, Computer Science and Education. 

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