Courses for International Students

Like many schools in Australia, Macarthur does more than just educate students. They prepare them for life − developing communication skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves, their peers and their world. We offer a broad curriculum in several areas including – English, mathematics, science, arts, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), social science, technology, health and physical education. 

We also believe strongly in the benefits of a rounded education – including teamwork, personal development through our hiking and camping programme, music, debating, theatre productions and a range of other activities that happen outside the classroom.  In Australia most students participate in activites outside the curriculum.  International students also benefit from participating as they can be challenged to improve their English in all areas, not just their subject area.

Macarthur Anglican School is an Anglican school and the Christian ethos and beliefs are an important part of what we do.  All students are expected to respect these activities and attend Chapel each week.

Macarthur offers two main qualifications:

RoSA -  (Record of School Achievement)

This qualification is provided by the Department of Education and is avaialble for students who attend from Year 10.

HSC - Higher School Certificate

This HSC qualification is the graduating certificate.  Students who achieve this can also obtain an ATAR which is the rank to provide entry to university.  Students who achieve an ATAR are provided with choices of universities and choices of courses at those universities.  To obtain an HSC and ATAR a student must study Year 11 and 12.