Information about COVID-19

This page is intended to be a repository of communications, advice and Macarthur's response to COVID-19. Most documents will be posted in date order, most recent at the top.

A General Statement

At Macarthur the health, safety and welfare of our students and staff are our greatest priority closely followed by our continuity of educational service to the students. With these two priorities in mind, a number of protocols have been implemented that impact some of the usual activities across the School. The overall intention of these protocols is to keep the School operational on a day to day basis so that students learning can continue. The School is also aware of the significant impact to most of our families if parents had to take time off work to look after their children if Macarthur were forced to close.

Until further notice, any non-essential gathering of non-Macarthur students and staff that involves large groups of over 30 people will no longer take place either on site or off site. Unfortunately this includes the attendance at events by parents and grandparents. The daily drop off and pick up of students is not impacted nor is the daily one on one interactions with teachers.

All large gatherings of students such as Assemblies and Chapel Services, as well as larger co-curricular gatherings will no longer take place. Where possible the best social distancing protocols are in place and hand sanitiser is freely available in classrooms and throughout the campus. Each afternoon, a more thorough than usual cleaning and sanitisation process is being undertaken.

All excursions involving members of the general public and overnight trip have been postponed as have most social gatherings that are usually on the School calendar.

Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they are unwell and keep the school informed of recent overseas travel by family friends or others staying in their home.

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General Communications

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NSW Chief Health Officer's most revent advice as it relates to Schools.