Enrolling Your Child

Application for Enrolment

If you are seeking enrolment for the current or next academic year, please complete the online Application for Enrolment Form below.  A pdf copy is available by emailing the Registrar if submitting an electronic copy is difficult for your family.

Enrolment Register

The Enrolment Register is a free service and is for families who wish to provide details of children that wish to be considered for a place in the School more than 12 months in advance. Placing your child's details on the Enrolment Register gives you greater assurance that there will be a place in the School when the time for enrolment arrives.

Parents of children who have been registered are the first to be contacted about enrolment interviews. It is never too early to register a child's details. To register your child or children for enrolment in the future (more than one academic year away), please complete the Enrolment Register Form by clicking the link below.

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This takes place at a time that is convenient for you. The enrolment interview is a key stage in the enrolment process. One or both parents should attend, along with the child. Apart from being an opportunity for us to find out about your child, it is just as importantly, an opportunity for you to indicate any special abilities or needs your child may have. Again, you can use it as an opportunity to ask about the School.

You should bring your child’s birth certificate, immunisation history statement, NAPLAN results and two recent reports to the enrolment interview.

Offer of a place

An offer of a place in the School is made by the Headmaster, provided a vacancy exists and provided he is satisfied that a child has met the enrolment criteria. The Letter of Offer will outline the things you have to do to accept the offer.


This is the step you take when you are quite sure that you wish to see your child enrolled in Macarthur Anglican School. Acceptance of a place is in writing accompanied by the payment of an Enrolment Fee and Capital Contribution. The Capital Contribution assists with the provision of future education facilities for your child.

Open Days and Orientation Day

Open days and orientation days for children starting at Macarthur are arranged for the Transition program and for students from Kindergarten to Year 7. These days are designed to smooth the entry of your child into the school by giving them an insight into the layout of the School, introducing them to significant adults and by letting children meet others who will be starting at the same time.

Children who start throughout the year and don’t have the opportunity to attend such a day are paired with a responsible child from the same year group. This is Macarthur’s ‘buddy system’. It has proved an effective means of integrating students who are new to the school and who don’t begin at the traditional starting times.


Uniform is sold through the School's uniform store on the Campus inside the Macarthur Cafe. Please make an appointment for a uniform fitting. Further information about the uniform is included with the Headmaster's Letter of Offer.