Enrolment Policy

The School’s policies, which are made from time to time are made pursuant to the requirements set out in section 47 of the Education Act and of the NESA Manual for the Registration and Accreditation of non- Government Schools.

Macarthur Anglican School is an independent, co-educational Christian school, providing an education for school age children from Kindergarten to Year 12. Macarthur also provides a preparatory school experience in its pre-Kindergarten Transition Programme.

A child can start Kindergarten at Macarthur at the beginning of the school year if they turn five on or before 31 July in that year (depending on Macarthur’s assessment of the student’s readiness). By law, all children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday. New enrolments are generally accepted for students from Kindergarten to the beginning of Year 11, with the main entry points being Transition, Kindergarten, Year 5, Year 7 and the beginning of Year 11. Macarthur does not enrol students for the final HSC year, nor does it enrol students who have extensively completed their Preliminary HSC year at another educational institution.

The School’s educational programme aims, within a Christian environment, to prepare students for opportunities of life-long learning, including (though not limited to) further education at university and other tertiary institutions. Parents enrolling children at Macarthur should be aware that the school’s academic programme and subject offerings in Years 11 and 12 are designed to enable all students the opportunity of matriculation to university.


General Enrolment Criteria

The final decision regarding admission of all students lies with the Headmaster.

Apart from a limited number of students awarded an Academic and/or Music Scholarship each year, Macarthur does not select students exclusively on ability (academic or otherwise).

All applications for enrolment are considered according to a number of criteria. The chief general criterion is based on the notion of mutual benefit. Macarthur desires to enrol students who will benefit from a Macarthur education and from whom Macarthur will benefit by their enrolment.

Students who will best benefit from a Macarthur education will be those whose who will be willing to:

• Abide by all the rules of Macarthur Anglican School as they apply from time to time.

• Participate fully in the School’s academic programme, including the completion of homework and assessments.

• Participate fully in the Christian education programme, including but not limited to Chapel, Biblical Studies and the School’s Outdoor Education Programme.

• Wear the School Uniform in accordance with the uniform policy and comply with the School’s dress standards at school and to and from school.

• Participate in the School’s diverse co-curricular programme.

For students seeking enrolling in Macarthur after a period of attending another school demonstrated compliance to the above expectations at their previous place of learning will be a minimum pre-requisite in any consideration of enrolment.

Macarthur Anglican School will also benefit from enrolling students with demonstrated compliance in the above areas. The school will further benefit from students whose parents and families:

• Co-operate and support the School in matters of student discipline, dress and bearing and student participation in the School’s academic, co-curricular, and Christian programmes.

• Fulfill their financial obligations to the school by making all payments of fees and associated charges at designated times.

For families seeking enrolment at Macarthur after a period of attending another school demonstrated compliance to the above expectations at their child’s previous place of learning will be a minimum pre-requisite in any consideration of such an enrolment.

Parents or Guardians enrolling a student at Macarthur are expected to agree to all the terms outlined in ‘The Conditions of Enrolment – Transition to Year 12’ which forms part of the Letter of Offer for Enrolment (See Enrolment Guidelines and Procedures for a copy of this document).

Priority Enrolments

From time to time the Headmaster will need to determine the priority or suitability of certain enrolments.

A priority for enrolment will be given to students who are:

• Siblings of students already attending the School

• Children of former students

• Children of Christian clergy or Teaching Staff

• Children with close family and/or historical connections to the School.

In addition, other factors may be considered, such as the length of time a student has been registered to attend Macarthur, a student’s past academic or behavioural record, the gender balance within the cohort where enrolment is sought and the perceived commitment of students and/or parents to support the School’s ethos and expectations.

Enrolment of International Students

As part of the School’s international focus, (which includes an emphasis on the teaching of foreign languages and provision of opportunities for students to travel and study abroad), the School also enrols students from overseas and welcomes exchange students.

Enrolment of Students with Disabilities

Macarthur supports the enrolment of students with a disability and acknowledges and supports the rights of parents and carers to be fully informed and actively participate in key decisions relating to their child’s education.

Any decisions about admission, enrolment or participation will be made on the basis that reasonable adjustments will be made where necessary, within the means of the school, so that the student with a disability is treated on the same basis as a student without a disability.

Record Keeping of Enrolment Data

Records of enrolment are maintained either electronically or in hard copy for a minimum period of five years.


• Enrolment Guidelines and Procedures.

• The Education Act 1990

• The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth)

• The Disability Standards for Education 2005 (Commonwealth)

• Disability Policy

• Disability Guidelines and Procedures

• National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (2007).

• Student Attendance Policy

• Student Attendance Guidelines and Procedures

• ESOS Act

This policy is reviewed annually. The last textual change to the policy was May 2017.