GATEway Quest offers students the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills in a fast-paced, supportive environment. Participants complete research and activities in one day, which, in a classroom setting, could take up to four weeks.

Activities are designed to enrich and foster students' potential and interest. Courses are specifically designed to achieve the academic enrichment of students. Activities are written and delivered by qualified teachers and experienced instructors.

GATEway Quest encourages students to experiment, accept challenges and engage in deeper learning. It promotes the ‘joy of learning' in a supportive environment with students of similar interests and abilities. Students participating in GATEway Quest learn to apply new skills and have the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts come to fruition.

Cost $90 - Registrations Close Friday 7 March 2014

Day begins at 8.30am

Parents are to bring students to the front of the school where they will be greeted and guided to the appropriate room for the day. Before parents leave we will ensure the contact and emergency details are correct.


Students Arrive /Sign in8.30am Chapel                          Contact Details:
Session 1 8.45am    - 10.30am  Neil Davies
Morning Tea10.30am  - 11.00am (Supervised)
Session 211.00am  - 1.00pm  ph: 0412 112211
Lunch 1.00pm    - 1.40pm (Supervised)   
Session 3 1.40pm    - 3.00pm   
Presentation3.00pm    - 3.30pm   


Workshop Options

1. Lego Motion

Intended Age Group: Years 6 to 8

Brickfilming is the stop-motion animation of LEGO. Students will learn how to make their own brick films through easy and basic stop motion techniques.

2. Robotics

Intended Age Group: Years 6 to 8

Do you like playing with Lego? Come and learn how to build a lego robot and program it to move, play tunes and draw.

Using the newest Lego Mindstorm technology, students will work in pairs using EV3 lego robotic parts. Students will get to design and build a robot and program it to meet many fun challenges on the day.

3. One of a Kind 

T-Shirt Design

Intended Age Group: Years 4 to 8

This activity is an opportunity to explore the principles of design and acquire new designing skills and techniques. You will create your own design for a T-shirt and embellish the design with bright, colourful screen-printing techniques. Bring ideas for a design with you or come up with a sensational new one on the day.

4. Archaeological Dig

Intended Age Group: Years 6 to 8

Description: Consider yourself a super sleuth? In this activity you will have the opportunity to take part in a miniature archaeological dig. As a team you will face the challenges of excavating and piecing together the evidence you unearth. You will then need to strain your brains and employ your problem solving skills to crack the code and solve this ancient who- done-it murder mystery.

5. Exploring the world of Minecraft 

Intended Age group: Years 4 to 6

Come spend a day doing an online craft. Yes, that's right!  The special craft is Minecraft. Help us build a city that any Local Government would be proud to run. You can choose to work in a team or do it all on your own. No previous experience needed!

6. Picture This!  From Page To Stage

Intended Age Group: Years 7 and 8

This is an interactive, challenging and fun-filled workshop that combines the creative elements of Drama and English. In this activity you will have the opportunity to work in groups to design your own picture book and “bring your story to life" by performing it to the group.

7. The Kidnap of Jamie Lawson

Intended Age Group: Year 4 - Year 8

Description: This activity is an introduction to forensic science. You will be presented evidence from a case that includes fingerprints, fibres, witness statements and suspect statements, and you will be required to solve that case from the information given. You will also be shown how to extract DNA from a plant using simple household substances.

8. Lift Off: Rocketry

Intended Age Group: Year 5 - Year 8

Description: Here is your chance to learn the foundations of model rocketry and to build your own rocket. You will learn about physics of flight, turbulence, Newton's laws and gravity. You will launching the rockets you build, and watch it fly. The rockets we use are reusable and can be launched many times, as long as they can be retrieved.

9. Your very own Masterpiece

Intended Age Group: Year 6 - 8

Description: Exploring the fulfilled principles of design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You will learn the basic principles of design. By the end you will be creating your very own masterpiece.

If you are interested in an activity that is not targeted at your age group please contact the school via email and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.

10. Solving the Impossible: Programming

Intended Age Group: Year 5 - Year 8

Do you think you have what it takes to solve the impossible? Instruct computers to do exactly what you want it to do! Learn the skills to program and control a computer. Guaranteed you will walk out of here with the skills to create your own personal game, and solve mind blowing problems! Are you the one who will solve the problem of the day and win the ultimate prize? You'll never know if you don't try! I'll see you there!

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