A welcome from Dr Nockles

It is an extraordinary privilege to lead a school that, while holding onto valuable traditions established since its foundation, is innovative, forward thinking and maintains a passion for teaching and learning. Our staff is committed to assisting each child to develop as well-rounded individuals ready to lead and participate in their communities. Whether in the classroom, on the sporting field, in music ensembles, other performance opportunities, through outdoor education or any of the diverse range of other activities available, Macarthur students are able to broaden their interests and enhance their skills. Involvement in these activities helps students to be more settled at school and to develop a more positive outlook on life.

The traditions on which Macarthur is built are diverse and dynamic, presenting students with opportunities to pursue their passion or indeed discover new ones! These traditions have created a School that respects the individual, engages with them and encourages and challenges each one to be the best that they can be. There is no 'typical' Macarthur student, but all boys and girls, young men and young women have the opportunity to develop values that enrich the intellect, develop social responsibility and service, create healthy lifestyles and promote integrity and confidence in them - all while encouraging them to explore the eternal benefits of the Christian faith. As a Christian school, Macarthur seeks to honour God every day, bringing the word of God to the students and teaching them of Jesus' saving love for each individual.

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The emphasis the School places on sport, co-curricular opportunities, the comprehensive Music Programme from Year 3 onwards, and the Year 3 to Year 12 mandatory Outdoor Education Programme are not accidental and are not simply in place to keep students busy. By encouraging all students into experiences that they might not have chosen for themselves, or by developing already existing talents and interests, a student's academic development is greatly enhanced. In the developing years the brain is an organ that craves stimulation and the more opportunities an individual can experience the greater complexity the brain will develop in its thinking and processing abilities. Breadth of opportunity is more than just fun; it enhances learning.

Service to others is a key element of life at Macarthur and from their earliest years Macarthur students learn about supporting and assisting others. They are involved in raising funds for charitable organisations both here and overseas and, in their senior years, lend practical support to those in need through our Community Service and Outreach Programmes.

The Macarthur staff is a wonderfully diverse group of professionals who bring their own strengths and commitment to their area of expertise. They are life long learners, with many undertaking additional study and modelling a love of learning to the students. A Macarthur education celebrates diversity and opportunities for all to be involved. Whether students and staff, current or former parents or former students the Macarthur family can come together to develop and strengthen their Macarthur friendships through the various Parents and Friends groups, the Alumni Association and other support groups.

When young men and women graduate from Macarthur we are justifiably proud of all each one has become. We look forward to hearing news of post-school achievements because we believe we have laid the foundations for Macarthur graduates to make a difference - no matter how big or small - to the world in which we live.

I hope that this website will be helpful to you as you explore its pages and discover all that is on offer at this school.

Dr David Nockles