Students in Year 7 and Year 8 may be invited to join the Honours streams in these years. There is an Honours stream in Mathematics and Science and another in the Humanities. Students can be invited to join one or both. As with the Year 5 and 6 programme, learning in these streams are fast-paced and challenging, designed for independent learners with excellent reasoning and research skills.

Selection and Registration For Honours S

Entry to the Honours streams is not immediate for either Year 6 GATEway students or scholarship holders. The decision to invite a student to join the Honours streams rests with the Dean of Studies and will be made based on a broad range of criteria. Students wishing to be considered for the Honours streams who are not existing Macarthur students or successful scholarship applicants should assemble a detailed portfolio which demonstrates their ability. This should include:

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  • Basic Skills Results/NAPLAN Results

  • Results from statewide and nationwide competitions

  • School reference

  • GERRIC assessment (where available)

  • Any other material relevant to the application

Parents and students will be interviewed as part of the assessment process.