International Student Fees

Fees at Macarthur are billed twice a year in January and July. Invoices are sent to the parents or the agent of the student.  Invoices are required to be paid within 14 days of the invoice.

On enrolment the fees paid in advance are credited to the student account and when the student commences the fees paid in advance are used to pay the fees for the first few months of the student's enrolment.  Please note that the course fees quoted are set annually and subject to change. Student's should expect incremental increases annually.

2017 Fees in English CLICK HERE

Parents are advised that the annual School camp is included in fees however any other overnight excursions will attract an additional fee.

The Homestay and Guardianship Fee is paid by all students in homestay regardless of their age.  As Macarthur manages all the homestay accommodation without the use of agencies, this fee covers the regular visits and reporting we are required to do by government agencies. (This fee does not apply to students who live with their parents).