School Council 

Governance structure

Macarthur Anglican School is governed by an independent School Council comprising ten members who volunteer their time and skills. The School Council is constituted in accordance with an ordinance of the Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia, Sydney Diocese. The Macarthur Anglican School Ordinance (1982) provides the structure in which governance takes place.

Macarthur Anglican School is a truly independent school with no other overarching organisational structure and is not part of any system of schools.  The School is a member of the Association of Independent Schools NSW (AIS) and the Headmaster is a member of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australian (AHISA) and the Heads of Independent Co-educational Schools (HICES).  While the ultimate owner of the School is the Sydney Anglican Diocese, the Macarthur Anglican School Council operates it in trust.  As such, the School does not fit within any bureaucratic framework and relates directly with the Diocesan organisation, governments; Local, State and Federal; and their relevant agencies.

The School Council is a policy setting and monitoring body and is not involved in the management of the School. The Headmaster is the School Council's Chief Executive Officer and is fully responsible for the day-to-day and strategic management of the School. The School Council therefore sets broad policy direction for the School and monitors its operations within the various legislative and regulatory frameworks.

The Archbishop of Sydney is the President of the School Council and may attend and Chair meetings from time to time. Ordinarily the School Council elects a Chair from its members to oversee the operation of the Council. The Council also elects an Honorary Secretary and has three standing committees; the Finance, Property and Marketing Monitoring Committee; the Governance and Policy Monitoring Committee; and the Capital Development and Endowment Committee.

Members of School Council are elected by the Synod for a three year term (six members in total, two elected each year), appointed by the Archbishop (two members, one an Anglican Clergy and one a lay member), or appointed by the School Council itself for a three year term (two members).

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Members of the School Council

President of the School Council
The Most Reverend Dr G N Davies
Archbishop of Sydney and Metropolitan of Province NSW
   *The President is entitled to attend any and all meetings of School Council and School Council’s
   various standing committees.  When the President is in attendance he Chairs the meeting.
Chairman of Council
The Reverend D Barrie
BSc, BD(Hons)
Elected by the Synod

A member of the School Council since 28 February 2017. Reverend Barrie worked as a Laser and Optics Engineer in the optical fibre industry before entering the Ministry. He was an Associate Minister prior to being appointed as the Rector of the local Parish. Reverend Barrie is a parent of the School. He also has considerable governance experience, serving on the executive of several not for profit organisations including a child care centre and scripture boards.

Honorary Secretary
Mrs C Rich (Chair of the Governance and Policy Monitoring Committee)
Elected by the Synod

A member of the School Council since August 2009 and Chair of the Corporate Governance and Policy Monitoring Committee since February 2011.  Mrs Rich is the Deputy Registrar of the Diocese of Sydney responsible for the administration of the Parishes and staff across the Dioceses.

Members of Council
Mr S Bywater
Cert IV (Workplace Training and Ass),
Dip.Mar, BMin
Appointed by the Council

A member of the School Council since 28 February 2017. Mr Bywater is a parent of the School who owns and operates a consultancy firm and people development business - specifically focussed on leadership and coaching as well as sales strategy development. Mr Bywater is also a regular keynote speaker in the fields of coaching and mentoring programs. Additionally, he consults, designs and deploys learning programs for organisations. These organisations include both large corporate and not for profit organisations. Mr Bywater is also an ordained Minister and Pastor at a Baptist Church in Moorebank.

Mrs C Dickinson
BCom, LLB (Hons), BPsyc (Hons), MAPS
Elected by Sydnod

A member of the School Council since 25 July 2017. Mrs Dickinson is both an Alumni of the School and a parent. Mrs Dickinson holds tertiary qualifications in Law, Commerce and Psychology and has held roles in each of those professions. She is a partner and financial controlled/legal controller of a land development business as well as currently working as a registered Psychologist.

Mr P Evans
Elected by Synod

A member of the School Council since 31 July 2017. Mr Evans  is a Chartered Accountant who was in public practice for over twenty years with predecessor firms of KPMG. He has specialised in the financial management of hospitals and has had extensive experience in the health care field for forty-five years. Mr Evans has been a member of an international health care company board since 1990 and has been Deputy Chairman since 2014. He is Chairman of both the Company’s Audit and Risk Management Committees and a member of the Remuneration Committee. Mr Evans is also the chair of a significant private foundation and has been actively involved with several other charitable organisations over many years.

Mr M Judge
BBus(Dist), MBusAdmin, FFSIA
Elected by the Synod

A member of the School Council since 27 February 2018. Mr Judge retired in 2014 from the position of Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Banking Solutions for a large global bank based in Australia. Prior to that, Mr Judge held a range of general management roles at the bank. Mr Judge’s governance experience includes chair and other director roles in banking, educational and mission organisations. He also serves as chair of an international christian ministry organisation providing support to the surfing community, is on the council of inner city Anglican independent school and is a founding panel member of a national governance accreditation program for Christian organisations.

The Reverend C Moroney
BA, DipEd, ThL(Hons), DipA(Hons), BD(Hons), ThScol
Appointed by the Archbishop

A member of the School Council since 28 April 2015. Mr Moroney trained as a teacher prior to entering the Ministry and has been the Rector of several Parishes in Sydney. He also spent some time as the Senior Assistant Minster at St Andrew's Cathedral.

Ms A Watson OAM (Chair of the Capital Development and Endowment Committee)
DipPhysio, FFIA, CFRM, MEdPlus, CFRE
Appointed by the Archbishop

A member of the School Council since 1 March 2008 and Chair of the Capital Development and Endowment Committee since 12 February 2010. Ms Watson is the owner and Managing Director of a consultancy firm. The company provides consultancy services in the areas of fundraising, public relations, volunteer management and development of governing bodies

In attendance
Dr D P Nockles
BA, DipEd, MEd(Hons), EdD

A Message from Rev. David Barrie - Chairman of Council - 2018 Speech Night Address

On behalf of the Council of Macarthur Anglican School, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Thirty-Fifth Speech and Awards Night.  As we gather together, I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet - the Wann-gal people; and the traditional custodians of the land on which the School is located - the Tharawal people.

In his wisdom and love, God gave them these lands upon which they lived for many generations, teaching their children their beliefs, values, and knowledge. As we pay our respects to their elders – past, present and emerging – we are mindful of our responsibility, before God, to do the same; to pass on our beliefs, our values, and our knowledge to the young lives God has placed in our care.  

This evening I warmly welcome: The Right Rev. Peter Hayward, Bishop of Wollongong; Mr Chris Patterson, State Member for Camden; The Reverend Paul Davey, President of the Parents and Friends; Mr Riley Warren AM, Former Headmaster; The Reverend Cannon Allan Patrick, Foundation Chairman of the School Council; Mrs Robyn and Mr Brett Legge, Exploring Tree Macarthur; our Macarthur Community Partners; Parents of the School; Members of Staff; and of course Students of Macarthur.

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that the Chair of School Council looks a little different this year than at previous Speech and Awards Nights: a bit taller; a fair bit hairier; less graceful. That is because, in June this year, after 13 years on School Council and 6 years as Chair of Council, Mrs Annabel Michie graciously stepped down from that role. To ensure a smooth transition, Mrs Michie has continued as a member of Council over these last six months, with tonight being her final official duty.

Over these 13 years Mrs Michie has served our school faithfully, devoting countless hours of her time to ensuring our school is governed well. I did a quick ‘back of the envelope’ calculation and came up with approximately 1500 hours of volunteer time that Mrs Michie has invested into our school. That is a lot of hours, given for our benefit.  And they were high quality hours! Mrs Michie has led the School Council with professional competence, with godly wisdom, with inspiring vision, and with a spirit of collegiality that has fostered unity on the Council. It has been a joy to sit under her leadership.

At official functions, such as this one, she has been a tremendous ambassador for our school as well as for the Christian faith.

Mrs Michie, on behalf of the School Council and the entire Macarthur community, we are sincerely grateful. Thank you for your service! And thank you as well, to Alec and the kids for sharing your wife and mother with us. We are grateful for your sacrifice.

As a small reminder of our appreciation, we would like to present Mrs Michie with a manuscript of the formal resolution of thanks passed by the School Council. Would you please join me in showing our appreciation…

Five years ago, my wife, Jo and I moved our family from Balgowlah on the Northern Beaches to Cobbitty so that I could take up the position of Senior Minister at Cobbitty Anglican Church. This meant we needed to find a new school for our four children, who were due to commence Year-7, Year-5, Year-3 and Kindergarten. We didn’t get very far in our search for a new school before a meeting with Dr. Nockles convinced us to give Macarthur Anglican a try.

I must say, I was a bit skeptical at first. I was a product of the public-school system and my education at Menai High School has served me well. Up until that point, we had our children at a Manly West Public School and we were very happy with the job they were doing. In fact, I doubted a school could get much better than what we had already experienced. By the end of our first week at Macarthur I could already see just how wrong I had been. One incident during that first week stands out in my memory.

I turned up at the end of day two, to pick up the kids. After gathering three of the four we made our way to my daughter’s Year-3 class room. Her teacher, whom I had not met at that stage, greeted me warmly at the door and then proceeded to address each of my other three children by name, asking them how their first week at school was going. I was blown away!

Now, maybe we just got lucky with the right teacher. This was Mr. Wood after all (I’m not sure if Mr Groves could have pulled that off), but actually this incident is indicative the high level of care and support the students of Macarthur receive from the teaching and the non-teaching staff. I am continually amazed, and delighted, by the dedication of the Macarthur Staff. They get to know each student individually and they work hard to ensure that each one thrives – not only academically – but as whole person. Macarthur truly excels at helping students to build confidence, to develop character, to gain wisdom, to grow in emotional maturity and of course to rise to their academic best.

The safe and caring environment provides a secure platform from which students can venture out into unknown territory and try something new. The many extra-curricular activities provide a steady stream of opportunities for students to step outside of their comfort zone, to discover new interests and develop new skills. Whether it is a Musical performance, or a Duke of Ed hike, or representing the school in a sporting team or sharing their faith on a mission trip, one thing is for sure, no student graduates from Macarthur without a breadth of life-skills and experiences that will serve them well throughout their adult years.

I am confident that those graduating today, can each look back on the multitude of ways that they have grown and matured during their years at Macarthur. Tonight, we celebrate that growth as we send them out thoroughly equipped for the journey ahead. 

Finally, I would like to acknowledge one more exceptional achievement. Tonight, marks the completion of 10 years as Headmaster for Dr. Nockles, and this is on top of seven years before that as Deputy Headmaster. As a school we are very fortunate to have a man of such conviction, character and capacity at the helm. Dr Nockles’ educational insight, his genuine pastoral care of staff and students, his organisational skill, his innovative vision and his godly example are all evident on a weekly basis.

The wonderful culture that we enjoy at Macarthur hasn’t come about by chance. Dr. Nockles has cast a vision of what the school could be, and he has called upon students and staff to rise to that high standard. He has spent countless hours educating the educators and working with his executive team to improve every aspect of school life.

Allow me to highlight for you some of the improvements that Dr Nockles has overseen during his time as Headmaster…
• Firstly, Macarthur’s academic success has gone from strength to strength. Over the last 10 years the number of Macarthur students who matriculate to university has risen from 68% to over 90% annually.
• ​There has been a revival of House and School Spirit. Prior to Dr Nockles becoming Headmaster, sporting carnivals were competitor only events. His vision for vertical House groups and the elevation of Heads of House saw a major turnaround in this area. A Macarthur carnival is now truly that…a carnival! Go Heber!
• The introduction of ‘colours’ was a major shift in philosophy as it sought to recognise the broader achievements of the students outside of academic performance….including sport, co-curricular activities and service. Students eagerly seek ‘colours’ and wear their blazers with pride.
• Dr. Nockles has been instrumental in shaping the educational philosophy of Macarthur, which enables students to develop a deep understanding of the concepts they are learning about. An understanding that will endure beyond the next exam, and thus equip them to thrive in the rapidly changing world of the 21st Century.
• This forward-thinking was reflected in the transformation of the School Library into the new Innovation and Research Centre. The IRC has been a vast improvement, allowing for new modes of learning not afforded by a traditional library.
• The initiation of Exploring Tree has expanded Macarthur’s provision of educational services to the community and has helped ensure the flourishing of Junior School enrolments.
• Dr Nockles changed the focus of Headmaster’s Assemblies providing senior students the opportunity to address and lead their peers, and in so doing, build a strong culture of participation and success.
• Dr. Nockles has overseen a significant expansion of the International Student Program. We have doubled the number of international students that call Macarthur home and in so doing broadened the cultural experience and horizons of our own students.
• This year saw the launch of the inaugural STEM tour to the USA.
• And there are some very significant initiatives in the pipeline for 2019, which I’m sure Dr. Nockles will tell you about shortly.

Friends, that is an impressive list. Until you get close, it is hard to grasp the sheer scope of the Headmaster’s role at a school like Macarthur. The responsibilities are vast, the pressures are constant, the problems that need to be solved are complex, the critics are many (and often ill-informed); and the volume of work would overwhelm most people. I was going to do a ‘back of the envelope’ calculation of Dr. Nockles’ hours as well but I couldn’t find an envelope large enough!

I thank God for the capacity and resilience he has given our Headmaster and for the immeasurable support David receives from his wife, Rose. What would knock most of us for six, Dr. Nockles takes in his stride; he keeps leading with enthusiasm, relating with a generous heart, innovating with fresh vision and serving the Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our school is flourishing, and we are well placed to make it even better in the years ahead. It is an exciting time to be part of Macarthur Anglican School. Would you please join me in thanking our Headmaster for a decade of exceptional service as we welcome Dr. David Nockles to the microphone.
Rev David Barrie
Chairman of Council