Snow Sports

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The Macarthur Snowsports Programme is a fantastic opportunity for all our students in Years 3 – 12. Students who participate in this programme are involved with a residential camp from 3 - 10 days during the June/July School holidays with the focus on fun and participation. The programme is designed to meet all our students’ individual needs and caters to all levels of ability, from first timers to advanced. The main purpose of the programme is to enable students to develop their snowsports skills and/or provide the opportunity to compete in the NSW Interschools Snowsports Competition.

Interschools is a series of school-age competitions in Alpine, Cross Country, Skiercross, Moguls, Snowboard and Boardercross. It is organised by the Interschools Snowsports Committee. All ability levels are encouraged to enter, with the emphasis on fun and participation at the regional level. Even if students have never competed before or are first-time skiers, the Macarthur Snowsports Programme enables you to learn all the skills that are required to participate in these fantastic events.

Click here to view the 2017 Snowsports Results.

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