Our Staff


      Dr David Nockles, BA, DipEd, MEd, EdD 

Headmaster's Executive

Deputy Headmaster 
      Mr Andrew Kokic, BEd, MA, MACE
Business Manager
     Mr David Stewart, BBus
Dean of Studies 
       Mrs Kylie Elling, BEd, BTeach 
Dean of Students
       Mr Timothy Cartwright, BEd(D&T), TradeCertBuilding, MLMEd, MACE
      The Reverend Michael Hyam, BTeach, BEd, Dip.Th, BDiv, GradCertTh
Head of Junior School
      Mrs Estelle Stelzer, DipTeach
Head of Middle School
      Mrs Carolyn Watkins, BSc, MTeach
Head of Senior School
       Mrs Rebecca Joel, BA-PSY, GradDipEd
Head of Admissions and Staff Services 
      Mr Neil Davies, BD&T, BTeach, MEdLead
Head of Innovation and Research Centre 
      Mrs Rebecca Fitzpatrick, BA(Hons), DipEd

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Faculty Heads

      Mr Ian Garrett, BA, GradDipEd, CertGiftEd, MComm
International Languages and Culture 
      Mr Alan Blake, BA, BEd
History and International Studies 
      Mr Paul Stevens, BEd, MEd, GradDipEdSt(Computer Education)
      Mr Adrian Kruse, BCom, GradDipEd, GradDipMathematics
      Dr Rebecca Bennison BMusEd, BA (Hons), PhD (Hons)
      Mrs Inés Marrable BMusPerf (Hons)
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
      Mr Wesley Horne, BHSc, DipEd
Science and Agriculture 
      Mr Paul Looyen, BSc, GradDipEdSt
Social Sciences 
      Mrs Nadine James, BEd, DipTeach
Technology and Creative Design
      Mr Quentin Hordern, BTeach, MEd

Pastoral Staff

Year 7 Advisor
      Mrs Annette Fitzgerald, BA, DipEd
Year 12 Advisor
      Mr Joly Hordern, BA, DipEd
Barker Head of House
      Mrs Helen Glover, BSc, DipScAg, GradDipEd
Broughton Head of House
      Mrs Allie Margin, BA, GradDipEd
Hassall Head of House
      Mr Richard Hooper, BSc, GradDipEd
Heber Head of House
      Mr Peter Groves, BEd
Johnson Head of House
      Mrs Vanessa Allen, BPHE, BEd
Marsh Head of House
      Mrs Erica Looyen, BEd

Other Senior Staff

Head of Sport
      Mr Wesley Horne, BA, DipEd
Head of Curriculum and Academic Administration
      Mr Paul Morgan, BSc (Mathematics), GradDipEd
Co-Ordinator of Literacy Teaching and Learning (K-12)
      Mrs Tracey RixonBEarlyChildhood, MTeach, MInclusiveEd
Prefect Master
      Mr Joly Hordern, BA, DipEd
Assitant Head of Middle School (Year 5 and 6)
      Mrs Karen Williams, BTeach, BEd, GradCertTeachLib, MEd
Assitant Head of Junior School
      Mrs Rebecca AbdooBSocSc, BTeach
Assitant Head of Junior School
Mrs Allison BartlettDipTeach, TeachCert
Master Teacher - Innovation and Research - Stages 1-3
      Mrs Katrina Ha, BA, MEd, MACE
Master Teacher - Innovation and Research - Stages 1-3
      Mrs Elma Stassen, BEd
IT Manager
      Mr Quentin Hordern, BTeach, MEd