Intensive English Study Tours at Macarthur

Macarthur is proud to offer a special study tour programme to overseas students.  

Macarthur offers a programme for individual students who attend for up to 8 weeks and experience life in an Australian School.  This is open to any student seeking a cultural experience and also offers an opportunity to learn English.

Students live in homestay accommodation in local families and are provided with a buddy student at school to assist them in their school activities.

Macarthur has recently welcomed students on English study tour from France, Germany, China, Japan, Italy, Hungary and China.

Bookings in advance are essential with limited places available.  Commencement times are flexible. (Please note that July and August each year are peak times and should be booked well in advance).

Students attending Macarthur on short term study tours need minimal levels of English to ensure they can participate in all activities and enjoy their time at Macarthur.  Required English levels are lower than those for full time students applying for 571 student visas.  Study tour students may attend on tourist visas providing they study for less than 3 months.

English Entry requirements for Study Tour students CLICK HERE. If you are unsure if your English level is correct, please contact us and we will help you. Email


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