Since 2003,  Year 11 students from Macarthur have been given the opportunity to take part in an Outreach Team travelling to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  This has proven to be a life changing experience for all students who participate, and indeed challenges the worldviews that have been established previous to this experience. 

The Outreach is firmly founded upon the belief that the God of the Bible desires that all mankind know of His saving love through Jesus. It is with this intent that the Thailand Team visits the people of Thailand and expresses the love of God through skits, song and sharing the Gospel message of Salvation through faith alone.

A large part of the programme is dedicated to the ongoing relationship established with the Varee Chiang Mai School – a Christian School that runs a vacation programme known as “E-Camp”.  Each year,  approximately 150 Thai students enroll with the intention of having lessons taught by our students in English.  Each morning, begins with a Chapel service filled with kids songs, skits and testimonies given by our students of what it means to be a Christian. Relationships are quickly established and the sadness upon departure at the end of E-Camp is testament to the friendships established during the week.

Another feature of the Thailand trip is the visit to the James O.Fraser Centre in Chiang Dao - a training centre for new Pastors from minority ethnic groups in the mountainous regions of Thailand, overseen by Jim and Linda McIntosh. Linda, a former student of Macarthur and a tremendous advocate of our School for the value of Christian education and our Outreach Programme, often speaks candidly about the challenges she faces and the strength that she draws upon God for while serving in Chiang Dao. The impact this has on our students leaves them thinking about their own values and broadens their minds to how God is working even in the remotest areas.

There is no doubt that the Thailand Outreach programme provides unique and life changing opportunities for all involved. It is a highly valued aspect of the School and supported by all staff as a key educational experience beyond the classroom.