At Macarthur, sport is a very important element of the educational offering and all students from Transition to Year 12 participate in regular physical activity and sport. These activities may take a range of forms including involvement in traditional sporting teams like Softball, Hockey, Touch Football, Netball, Soccer, Rugby League, AFL, Cricket, Volleyball, working towards individual excellence in sports such as Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Golf and Gymnastics, and learning to enjoy other types of physical activities like skipping, dancing and gross motor activities. With so many different sporting activities available throughout the year, there is always something new for students to try and something different to enjoy. This broad range of sports also allows individuals to find an a physical activity in which they can be successful. Above all, at Macarthur we want sport to be fun and enjoyable.

Students can participate in a wide range of sports week by week. In addition, students can compete in many team sports and some individuals sports at a representative level. The first level of representation is with the New Anglican Schools Sports Association (NASSA). Students can then be selected to compete at the Association of Independent Co-educational School (AICES) level or in the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) level, which is a state-wide level of competition.

Sports on Offers

There is a wide range of individual and group sports available to students. These include:

Kindergarten to Year 2 Kids in Action Sports Skills, Gymnastics, Inflatable Obstacle Course, Swimming.
Year 3 to Year 6 T-Ball, Softball, Netball, Soccer, Touch Football, Basketball, Newcombe Ball, Skiing, Kids in Action Sports Skills, Gymnastics, Inflatable Obstacle Course, Swimming.
Year 7 to Year 8 Softball, Touch Football, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Rowing, Skiing, BMX riding, Tae Kwon Do, Roller Hockey, Life Saving, Golf.
Year 9 and Year 12 Softball, Touch Football, Cricket, Basketball, AFL, Soccer, Weights, Ten Pin Bowling, Squash, Aerobics, Lawn Bowls, Karate, Dance, Badminton, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Skiing, Rowing, Roller Hockey, Golf, Orienteering.