What you need to remember to do each day?

  • Each night place your iPad on charge. These devices take longer to charge than a phone so charging overnight will ensure enough battery life to last the next school day.
  • Ensure you have downloaded any Apps that teachers have asked you to. Free Apps can be downloaded by going to the App Store icon on your iPad. Apps that cost are paid for by the School and notification of these apps will be via a link in an email. Open the Mail application to see if you have any new emails.
  • Ensure you have downloaded any eBooks or PDF's that your teachers have instructed you to. Links to these are found at the top each subject in Moodle.
  • Leave the cover on your iPad. iPads are robust but the covers add an extra level of protection.
  • Pack it safely in your backpack. The best section is the padded section at the back of the backpack.