Music plays an important role in the development of each individual. Research suggests that playing a musical instrument helps to enhance the concentration skills and the co-ordination of children, skills which are relevant throughout their lives and which are transferable to other areas of learning.Performance, the application of the learning of Music, allows students to express themselves using a new and different medium and encourages them to communicate their emotions and imagination through their instrument.

Performance skills are not learned overnight. The confidence and composure of a Year 12 performer is often the culmination of many years of quiet practice and many opportunities to control the nerves associated with performing. Each year, Macarthur provides students with the opportunity to develop their performance skills in a safe environment by conducting a programme of concerts and performances. These include the Annual Concert, the HSC Recital and the Transition to Year 4 Christmas Concert.


Engaging with an ensemble is also an important part of the performance programme. Across the school various choirs, bands, the Orchestra and ensembles provide the opportunity for students to learn techniques in working together. There is also a Year 5 to Year 8 Preparatory Band and Preparatory Orchestra. Opportunities are also provided for students to perform with professional musicians, and in recent years these concerts have included performances by Paulini and James Morrison.

Ensembles currently operating at Macarthur include:

Choir: Early, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School, Junior School Vocal Ensemble, Middle School and Senior School Vocal Ensemble

Orchestra: String Orchestra, Orchestra, Preparatory Orchestra

Band: Stage Band, Concert Band, Preparatory Band

Other Ensembles: Brass Quintet, String Quartet, Middle School String Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, String Trio, Pipe and Drum Band

The range of ensembles may change from year to year depending upon the interest of the students.