Striving for excellence is the underpinning academic foundation at Macarthur Anglican School. The School recognises the importance of providing quality teaching and learning programmes that allow students the opportunity to gain deep knowledge and understanding. Programmes incorporate differentiation within and between classes so classes can be engaging for all students.

The curriculum at Macarthur Anglican School aims to provide both academic learning and wisdom. Building a passion for learning in our students and a desire to continue their learning everyday of their lives is an important part of building the academic focus of Macarthur. Macarthur holds these principles as fundamental as they are integral to a biblical understanding of humanity.

As a Kindergarten to Year 12 co-educational school, which also offers a flexible Transition Programme for four year olds, the teaching and learning programmes at Macarthur take into account the development of students from our earliest learner to our most mature. The School aims to provide a broad range of subjects from K-12 offered by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). For students in Transition the curriculum is aimed at school familiarisation and students gain a firm foundation for learning and a solid preparation for Kindergarten.

This curriculum is well planned and allows for quality learning outcomes for all students. It acknowledges diversity and supports personalised learning. The content of the teaching and learning programme addresses a Christian worldview approach to knowledge.