House Structure

When students commence their studies at Macarthur Anglican School they are allocated to a House. There are six houses, each with their own crest. They are Barker, Broughton, Hassall, Heber, Johnson and Marsh.


Barker House is named after Frederic Barker (1808 - 1882), Bishop of Sydney from 1854 until his death.

The Bishop's mitre on this crest reflects this role. The Fleur-de-Lis pattern and the half shield design are traditional elements of the Barker family crest. The cross on the shield is an element that occurs on the Macarthur school crest and also acknowledges Bishop Barker as a man of God.


Broughton is named after William Broughton (1788 - 1853) who served as the first Archdeacon of NSW (1829 - 1836) Bishop of Australia (1836 - 1847) and the first Bishop of Sydney (1847 - 1853).

This shield follows the traditional Broughton family design, with the swords and anchor drawn directly from Bishop Broughton's family crest. This shield also features the Bishop's mitre and cross as well as the crown, an element drawn from the Macarthur crest.


Thomas Hassall (1794 - 1868) commenced the first Sunday School in NSW. In 1827 Reverend Hassall became the minister at Narellan and lived and served his parish from his home, Denbigh, until 1868.

Thomas Hassall was known to his parishioners as the Galloping Parson and it is for this reason that this crest features a horse's head. The leaves featured on the crest are an element of the Hassall family crest. This crest also features the cross and crown which are elements of the Macarthur crest.


Reginald Heber (1783 - 1826) became the Bishop of Calcutta in 1812, when Australia was an Archdeaconry of the Diocese of Calcutta. Heber is known as the first missionary bishop and his missionary heart is represented with the shepherds crooks on the crest a symbol also found in the Heber Chapel in Cobbitty.

The Heber shield follows the traditional Heber family design and includes the cross and Bishop's mitre which represent his faithfulness to God and his role in the Anglican Church. The open book reminds us of Bishop Heber's hymn writing.


Richard Johnson (1753 - 1827) was the first clergyman, arriving with the First Fleet. He built Australia's first church and first school.

This shield follows the traditional Johnson family design and features a ship representing his First Fleet voyage. The globe on this crest reminds us of the focus of this House and its generosity towards our sister school, St Michael School, Kilolo, Tanzania. The cross and crown are drawn from the Macarthur crest and acknowledge Johnson as a godly man. The Fleur-de-Lis and the white cross are traditional symbols drawn from the Johnson family crest.


Reverend Barry Marsh (1931 - 2016 ) was the rector of the Parish of Narellan from 1970 to 1997. Reverend Marsh served on the Macarthur School Council from 1984-1997 and it was under his leadership that the Parish made the generous gift of land in Narellan to Macarthur.

The tree on this crest represents the Jacarandas for which Reverend Marsh's birthplace is renown and the crowns and cross are drawn from the Macarthur crest and remind us of the godliness of Reverend Marsh. The clasped hands remind us of the generosity of this house in support of St Michael School, Kilolo, Tanzania.