Other Ensembles

Small ensembles form a significant component of the Macarthur Music Programme. Students are encouraged to form their own small groups with like minded musicians. Several of the Macarthur small ensembles have continued to meet year after year as students progress through the school, many forming when students are in Year 7 and continuing through to the students being in Year 12

Brass Quintet

A group of Brass students meet each week to pursue repertoire suited to a Brass ensemble. Students learn and perform a variety of interesting pieces arranged specifically for them.

String Quartet

The String Quartet is a highly sought after group with many Community engagements throughout the year. The String Quartet gives students from the String Orchestra the opportunity to perform to a wide variety of audiences.

Woodwind Quintet

The Woodwind Quintet plays a delightful and varied range of repertoire. The unique Quintet combination of Oboe, Flutes, Clarinet and Bassoon is enthusiastically enjoyed by many Macarthur and Community audiences.

The range of ensembles may change from year to year depending upon the interest of the students.