2021 Academic Success

Macarthur Anglican School’s Year 12 students have excelled in 2021, having achieved some of the school’s best ever HSC results despite a challenging two years. The level of resilience students have demonstrated and their ability to maintain motivation and persevere through difficulties has been humbling. For detailed insights please refer to the  Academic Success 2021 brochure.

Headmaster Dr David Nockles is “absolutely delighted” for the students and their outstanding effort. Over one-half of this year’s cohort achieved an ATAR over 80 and 77% of students received an ATAR over 70.

“With all the talk of declining educational standards nationally, it is wonderful to see our school consistently bucking this negative trend, especially in our part of Sydney. We have a strong academic culture at Macarthur. We set the bar high and share the students’ joy when they rise to meet the challenges set before them.”

“This cohort have learned many lessons, the most important being that the senior years of schooling is about far more than just studying and memorising content. It is about developing skills to be able to think critically and apply content to different contexts. It is about creating a positive work-life balance, learning from mistakes, and examining feedback carefully. Learning can be and should be uncomfortable at times. When we are uncomfortable this is when we are learning the most.”

Although the School has consistently ranked in the top 100, it achieved one of its best performances this year with a rank of 84 state-wide. “What makes me particularly proud,” said Dr Nockles, “is that we can achieve these terrific results without being academically selective, but welcoming students of all abilities.”

Among Macarthur’s top performers was Arnav Gupta. Arnav achieved 7th in the State in English Advanced. Arnav was also DUX of the cohort and achieved an ATAR of 99.65. Arnav is planning on studying a combined degree of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Arnav, along with Amelia Wood (ATAR 98.75), Laura Whitelaw (ATAR 98.45 ) and Reuben Gomez (ATAR 96.35 ) were deemed ‘Best All-Rounders’, with scores over 90% across 10 units of study. Amelia will be studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at ANU. Laura is planning to study Exercise Physiology or Physiotherapy and Reuben is planning on completing a combined degree in Arts and Law. 

Dr Nockles, who has published research on what makes effective schools, advocates that, “Students who balance their academic study with co-curricular, extra-curricular involvement and sport have the greatest opportunity for success in the HSC as they are far more likely to study hard when they are engaged and happy with their wider school life.”

Perhaps the difficulties faced by this particular cohort can be summed up by one of the students themselves - Ruth Alexander. “Sometimes you have to be like a duck swimming upstream; working hard to keep moving forward while letting the unforeseen challenges splash over you. Sometimes challenges drag you back but if you persevere you can get where you want to even if you have to take a harder path at times.”

Top Performers
Macarthur was ranked 65th in the State for the number of students who achieved Band 6 or E4 results in at least 10 units. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Arnav Gupta - 99% English Advanced (7th in the State), 48/50 English Extension 1, English Extension 2 47/50, 96% Visual Arts, Completed as an accelerant in 2020. 97% Mathematics Advanced, 48/50 Mathematics Extension 1
  • Madeline Mingay - 96% English Advanced, 96% Geography, 96% Society and Culture 
  • Laura Whitelaw - 95% English Advanced , English Extension 2 48/50, 95% Mathematics Standard
  • Amelia Wood - 95% Geography,  96% PDHPE, 96% Society and Culture 
  • Muthuli Gunawardena - 100% Mathematics Advanced
  • Katie Võ - 98% Mathematics Extension 1, 96% Mathematics Extension 2 
  • Anabella Cabrera-Yee - 97% Mathematics Advanced 
  • Anna Patmore - 97% Visual Arts
  • Alexander Frankum - 96% Mathematics Standard  
  • Rhys Jensen - 96% Mathematics Advanced
  • Bailey Pickles - 96% Music Extension 
  • Micah Paki - 96% Chinese Beginners
  • Daniel Xie - 95% Mathematics Advanced
  • Matthew Eder - 95% Music 1 
  • William Kennedy - 95% Software Design and Development 
  • Sophia Ellsmore - 95% Ancient History 
  • Liam Mrkonja - 95% Mathematics Advanced


NESA Exhibition and Performance Showcases

  • Ethan Byatt - selected for OnSTAGE (Drama)
  • Jonathan Lin - selected for ARTEXPRESS (Visual Arts).
  • Zoe Byatt - selected for TEXStyle (Textiles and Design)
  • Thomas Noakes -nominated for ENCORE (Music 2) showcase
  • Bailey Pickles - nominated for ENCORE (Music 2) showcase
  • Jack Guyer - nominated for SHAPE (Design and Technology) showcase
  • “Our School motto is ‘Enter to Learn and Go out to Serve’. “Many of our students see their futures in serving their local community with the skills they have gained at school and will develop further at university.” Dr Nockles remarked, “It’s not just about the great results. Education is about the formation of character and in the 2021 cohort we have it in spades.”