Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings from 4.00pm to 7.30pm, with a 30 minute Dinner break.


The Innovation and Research Centre.


To provide an opportunity for intensive use of the School facilities and access to some staff by students in Year 10, 11 and 12 outside normal school hours. These sessions should also assist students and their families by providing a supportive environment in which students are safe to undertake their examination and assignment preparation.

Who supervises the sessions?

Members of the teaching staff supervise the sessions with additional support from university students.

What happens with absences?

When a student is absent from a session parents will be contacted unless the student has been absent from School all day.

The IRC is available to all students as usual until 4.00pm each day.

What are the expectations of students?

Students are expected to work individually or in small groups. While staff will provide support and encouragement, this is not intended as an opportunity for one on one tutoring. Students are not permitted to leave the area in which the session is being held after 4.15pm or prior to 7.30pm. They are expected to wear full School uniform unless they participate in a sport or an excursion earlier that day.

Use of internet and computers for non academic purposes is not permitted. Mobile phones must remain on silent throughout the sessions.

Students needing to leave early or arrive late are expected to bring a note explaining their arrangements prior to the session beginning.

What about meals?

Students may bring afternoon tea from home if they wish and are provided with dinner each evening. Students will not be permitted to order other food from outside the school at meal times.

What are the costs?

Students book in for a term and their attendance on those evenings as outlined on Trybooking (each term) will be expected.