School Expectations and Procedures

General Information (Transition to Year 12)

For our school to function effectively, certain procedures are to be known and followed by all students and actively supported by parents and staff. The Headmaster and staff have high expectations of students in all areas of school life. This is particularly the case for academic standards. In order to provide the best environment for excellent teaching and learning to occur, Macarthur has also developed high expectations of students outside of the classroom too.

Contact With Staff

The School encourages positive contact between parents and staff. For students in T-6, the class teacher is the first point of contact. The initial contact with staff regarding a student in Years 7-12 is to be via the Head of House who is charged with the pastoral and academic oversight of the students in his or her House. The diary is also a vehicle for communication to and from the home. Parents are encouraged to read and sign the diary each week and to keep abreast of their child’s progress. Parents are encouraged to avoid using email for communicating difficult or complex matters.

Lost or Damaged Diaries

If a student loses their diary, allows it to be damaged or decorated they will be required to purchase a replacement diary by seeing the class teacher in T-4 or the Head of School or Head of House in Years 5-12. The cost of the replacement diary will be billed to their account.
Stationery, Equipment and Textbooks - While the School provides most stationery and equipment, parents will be required to purchase additional specialist items. All students in Years 7 to 12 borrow their textbooks from the School. Lost or vandalised books will be replaced at full cost to the student. Liquid paper, Artline markers and metal rulers are not permitted at school.


Examinations in Years 7-12 are a very important part of the teaching, learning and assessment programme. Families should give their highest priority to the attendance of their child/children at examinations and ought not to seek leave during examination periods, except in the most exceptional of circumstances. Where a student is on leave during an examination period, they will be marked Absent for the examination and their report will be so annotated.

To preserve the integrity of examinations none may be taken, either in advance or later than the scheduled time. For the purpose of calculating a student’s Course Mark, the Faculty Head will estimate their examination performance based on other ranks held by the School.

Sickness or First Aid

Every year medical forms are sent home for parents to update. It is important that these are completed correctly and returned for the School to assist your child in the best possible way. Children hurt or feeling ill should report to, or are sent by the class teacher, or teacher on duty to the School Sister where first aid is administered. Parents will be contacted should a child be very ill or if injuries require medical attention. The School has a procedure for all excursions and out of school activities should a child be injured or become ill. It is vital that medical details held by the School are current and that parents let the School know of any changes to phone numbers and emergency contacts. Emergency contacts should be people other than parents who would be available to collect a sick child if parents, who are always contacted first, are not able to be reached (e.g. grandparents, aunt, friend).
Medication - All prescribed medication that needs to be taken during school hours, should be left with the School Sister to be administered as prescribed.

Note: It is most important that the school is notified in writing of any changes to details on a student’s medical form, especially medical conditions, medication dosage and any change in contact phone numbers and the like. Medical information is updated every year. Parent’s prompt response to such updates is greatly appreciated.

Travel Passes

Application forms for free train and bus passes are available through the Administration Centre when a child commences at Macarthur. Lost passes should be reported to the bus company. All companies charge a fee for replacement passes.

Bus and Train Travel

The reputation of our school is very important. Therefore, behaviour on buses and trains is expected to be exemplary. The School may prohibit travel on public transport and school-owned or hired buses if poor behaviour is ongoing and bringing the name of the school into disrepute.

Late Arrivals and Early Departures

If arriving at school after 8.10am (in the case of students in Years 5-12) or 8.30am (T-4), students are to report to the Heads of School Foyer with their diary. A note will be given, in the diary if applicable, to the student to hand to their teacher on arrival at class. If departing from school early, a student should have a note from their parents seeking approval from the Dean of Students or the relevant Head of School. This note should be delivered to the Administration Centre or the Heads of School Foyer before Period 1. When picking a student up early, parents are to collect the student at the Heads of School Office or the Administration Centre. For students in Years T to 6 a note will be given to the parent to take to the class teacher before the student is dismissed.


Student absences should be reported to school as soon a possible via a written note, telephone call or personal visit to the Attendance Clerk. For students in T-4, absence notes should be handed to classroom teachers. For Year 7-12 students, absence notes may be taken to the Heads of School Office or the Administration Centre.

Extended Leave

By law only the Headmaster may grant an exemption from attendance at school and only for a small number of reasons. The law does not give the right to parents to absent their children from school without due authority. Parents must apply directly to the Headmaster, in writing, when seeking leave for a student for a family vacation during the school term. For other circumstances where exemption is sought as outlined below parents must apply directly to the Headmaster using the official application form for an Exemption from Attendance (available on the School’s website). If successful in applying, the Headmaster is required to provide parents with a ‘Certificate of Exemption from Attendance at School.’ The Certificate is only valid for the specified period and may be revoked by the Headmaster should conditions alter. Further, it cannot be issued retrospectively. Such absences without approval will be recorded as ‘unexplained or unjustified absence’ without the ability to change it retrospectively.

Parents may seek an exemption from attendance at school on the following basis:

  • Exceptional domestic circumstances, including but not limited to participation in family holidays during school term subject to being satisfied that this is in the best educational interests of the child.
  • Other exceptional circumstances such as health of the student where sick leave or alternative enrolment is not appropriate.
  • The child being prevented from attending school because of a direction under section 42D of the Public Health Act 1991.
  • Employment in the entertainment industry or participation in elite sporting events for short periods of time i.e. for one or two days, and at short notice.
  • The Headmaster may only grant exemptions for fifty days in any year (cumulative) to any one student. Parents seeking exemption for the children beyond fifty days may be directed to State authorities for approval.

Parents should be aware that there can be no substitute for a student’s regular attendance. The School will not be responsible for providing extensive details of work that a student will miss. If an application for work is made through the Head of House, the school’s responsibility will be limited to:

  • Advising topics which will be covered in each subject
  • References to textbooks (where these are used).


All students are expected to participate actively in the weekly sports and PE periods, unless excused from doing so on medical grounds. Such permission will only be granted upon receipt of a letter and appropriate medical documentation from the parent of the student concerned which should be handed to the Dean of Students.

School Canteen

The Senior Cafeteria and the Junior Canteen operate for the benefit of all students. A variety of food and drinks, as well as limited sweets, are available. Both the Senior Cafeteria and the Junior Canteen are open at recess and lunchtime. An online facility called Flexischools is available for parents to order their child’s recess and lunch.

Uniform Shop

Is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm. Please phone 4629 6243 for an appointment or to place an order. Students may make purchases during lunchtime and payments may be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

Money and Valuables

Valuables of any kind should not be brought to school, nor should excessive amounts of money. If, for some exceptional reason, valuables or money are brought to school, they should be taken to the Administration Centre for safe-keeping at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of the day before returning home. Under no circumstances should money or valuables be left unattended in school bags. The School cannot take any responsibility for lost or damaged valuables.

The Bulletin

Parents will receive the Bulletin in electronic format each fortnight in Week B. So far as it is possible, information disseminated to parents of students in T-6 will be handed to students on a Thursday.

Dangerous Weapons

The possession of knives, offensive weapons, slingshots, ball bearing guns, cartridges, fireworks, explosives or any dangerous weapons of any kind are forbidden. Such items will be confiscated and a student should expect to be suspended or expelled from school.

Smoking/Drinking/Illegal Drugs

No student, regardless of age, is permitted to consume alcohol, smoke tobacco or take illegal drugs or be in possession of these items (including matches and lighters) on the school premises, at school functions (including social functions) within or outside the school, on school buses, or on trains, when dressed in school uniform or any occasions when control of the student is the direct responsibility of the School authorities. If a student is involved in such activities they could expect to be suspended or expelled from school.


Lockers are available to students in Years 7-12 upon request.

Motor Vehicles

Year 11 and 12 students may drive and siblings may travel as passengers in vehicles driven by these students, provided prior permission has been sought and given by the Head of Senior School. Parents should request permission by letter. The Head of Senior School has the discretion to grant approval to students who wish to drive to school and to withdraw such approval due to irresponsible driving on the part of students. Students must park their cars in the allocated car park only. Passengers other than approved siblings can expect to be disciplined along with the driver if caught travelling in a vehicle.

Property and Lost Property

Damage to school property is to be reported immediately to a member of staff or at the Administration Office.

  • All books, property and uniform items (including shoes) must be clearly and permanently marked with your name.
  • Money or other valuables must not be left in school bags or in pockets of unattended clothing.
  • Any property or money found should be given at once to a member of staff or taken to the Administration Centre.
  • Lost property may be reclaimed from the Administration Centre up to one month after its loss after which it will be donated to the Uniform Shop or to charity.