Will the students be given instruction on how to manage their iPad?

Students will be given an introductory session at the time of deployment. There will also be ongoing support provided through House Group times and dedicated Technology lessons

Will students still need physical textbooks?

This is an area that is continually developing. During this transitional phase students will still use text books in some subjects. However where possible we will explore all electronic options available and adopt those that best maximise learning opportunities.

Will students still have access to a PC?

iPads are only one tool for students to use at Macarthur. Computer labs will still be used for specialist subjects, PC’s will still be accessible in Library and laptops will remain in each of the classroom blocks

Can the cover be removed or changed?

The supplied cover has been chosen to both protect the device as well as minimise desktop real estate in class, however parents can choose to replace it with an alternative protective cover of thier choice.

Will the battery last a full school day?

iPads are particularly good at lasting a full day when charged. It is estimated that they will endure 10 hours on a full charge.

Students can also reduce battery drain by limiting the playing of videos, playing games and constant internet use.

Will students lose their work if they accidentally break their iPads?

Whether students are using an iPad of PC it is good practice to back up data regularly. In the event of a breakage or malfunction student work can easily be restored if students have been regularly backing up their device.

Students will be shown how to back up their iPad.

Does Macarthur block or monitor what the students can access while at school?

Every webpage is monitored regardless of what device they use (except personal devices on cellular networks). Once a device joins our network it is operating in a controlled environment. We block websites based on categories as well as specific blacklisted sites.

Will my child be on the iPad all the time at home?

It is advisable to set guidelines and expectations before students receive their iPads. One strategy is to have the iPad charge in the kitchen overnight. This may help restrict the times it can be used. Some home wireless routers have the functionality where ‘blackout’ times can be set. However this would only restrict Internet usage.

Do I need to be an expert on iPads to assist my child?

Students will be able to seek help from documents on the intranet, house group teachers or IT support staff.

Teenagers today cope very well with new technology. It is probable that they wont expect you to know how to do things on the iPad unless you are already familiar with them. Additionally they often have a good network of help amongst their peers.

What if I have any further questions?

You can email Quentin Hordern: qhordern@macarthur.nsw.edu.au or phone 02 46475333

Can I supply my own device?

The School would not be able to administer devices as effectively if the model was a BYOD (bring your own device) programme.

Macarthur has made a conscious decision to avoid BYOD programmes because of a number of administrative and management problems other schools have experienced. Because the School does not technically own any device under a BYOD programme, administration, management and service of the devices is fraught with complications.

While it is recognised that some families will already have access to an iPad for their children, the system the School wishes to roll out requires the School's ICT staff to be able to fully administer the device. This allows the School to have some control over the internet and the iPad's configuration, which would not be appropriate if the device was not leased directly by the School. The cost of the device, Apps and extended warranty has been kept to a minimum and spread over a three year period.

When will my child receive their iPad/Laptop?

Each year in February, Year 7 will recieve an iPads. This usualy takes place in camp week and is accompanied by by an iPad orriantation session run by the IT Support staff.

Year 10 will receive their new iPad or laptop during the first week of Summer Term.

Will the device be insured against breakage, loss and/or theft?

The device will have an extended warranty held by the School for the three year lease period. This will cover the general workings of the device. Even though the device is owned by the School, because it is issued as a personal device, the School is unable to insure it against out of the ordinary damage, loss or theft. Most family home and contents insurance policies would already cover the device but each family is encouraged to check their own circumstance. The School will have additional devices to loan while repairs and the like need to take place.