The Integrated Studies Precinct

The construction of our new Warren Integrated Studies HUB is on track ready for occupancy in the new Academic Year in October. After many years in the planning, we look forward to the official Opening of the HUB on Friday 22 October 2021.

This webpage outlines the vision for our new Warren Integrated Studies HUB and the wider Precinct in which it is placed. This new building and the facilities to follow in Phase Two will enable our students to learn, work and create in their areas of interest to new levels of sophistication.
Our aim is to develop young people of character and intellect who look to the future with optimism. The Warren Integrated Studies HUB underpins that aim by offering facilities that will enable our student to develop their unique gifts and talents to the very highest levels. This milestone project will transform opportunities for our students for many years to come. 

Dr David Nockles​

Flythrough of the Warren Integrated Studies HUB

Features of the Integrated Studies Precinct

This precinct has been designed with significant input from the faculties of Science, Mathematics and the faculty of Technology and Creative Design. It will provide an innovative teaching and learning space fit for the demands of 21st Century learning. Through the creation of these dedicated spaces, the School intends to build on current initiatives and underpin the academic success of students within the scientific, technological and artistic disciplines.  

The precinct itself is to be considered a teaching tool for students in environmental sustainability as well as innovation, engineering and entrepreneurial skills. Operational elements and structural elements will be exposed and labelled to show students the functions of design, engineering and environmental factors and how they interrelate.

The Master Plan for the campus divided this project into Phase 1A and 1B totalling $12.5 million. Phase 2 includes the construction of the Visual Arts Studios and the refurbishment of the existing Design and Technology/ICT/Visual Arts rooms into more general purpose classrooms and other services. While construction will commence soon, the final scope of the project will depend significantly on the success of a fundraising campaign. Certainly Phase 1A will be built and with the proven past generosity of so many families in the School,  it is planned that Phase 1B will be built as part of this project too.

• 5 Science Laboratories including one Senior Science Laboratory
• 1 Science Preparation Room
• 1 Agriculture General Purpose Learning Area (GPLA)
• 4 Design and Technology workshops
• 1 Textile and clean design studio
• 3 Information and Computing Technology GPLAs
• A Design Store and Preparation Area
• A Lecture / Demonstration Space
• Staff Facilities (23 teachers across 3 Faculties with 6 ancillary staff)
• 6 Mathematics GPLAs#
• 3 Visual Arts Studios#
• A Gallery Space#
  # these elements will form part of Phase 2 of the building project.

We trust you enjoy these architect impressions of the Warren Integrated Studies HUB. Click on each image for a more detailed look. 


How can you help?

A Capital Campaign has been established for those parents and community members who wish to support the development of this facility. If you would like more information please visit the Warren Integrated Studies HUB Capital Campaign page.

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