Setting Up iPad Restrictions

How to Setup iPad/laptop Restrictions

At present, all devices  provided by the school are under it's management, which involves restricting access to certain categories of applications as well as provide base level web filtering.

Additionally there are other ways of controlling your child’s iPad.

Screen time passcode on the device. This will control the iPad device everywhere - including school.

The Qustodio App can manage web filtering at home and school. It can’t manage the device itself. If there are apps on your child’s device that you don’t want them to use at all during school hours or at home, then using the screen time passcode is the answer to your problem.

Links to help parents set up and manage restrictions on their child's device are provided below. It is also strongly recommended that parents install the Qustodio App, on any personal devices. The school provides two additional Qustodio App licences per family that are only to be used for any non school issued personal device.